Will Thomas is a composer & producer based in Los Angeles, California. He began his professional career writing music for movie trailers and was then hired as the composer for the seminal dark-funk-techno-sic-fi show 'GvsE' on the USA network.  During a stint in New York City, Will released four albums under his minimal electronic moniker Plumbline as well as four under his song based project Dive Index.  He collaborated with ambient innovator Roger Eno on two of the Plumbline albums (Transparencies & Endless City/Concrete Garden).  And the Dive Index albums include collaborations with Natalie Walker, Joseph Arthur, Cat Martino, Merz, Simone White, Mark Gardener (Ride) and Ian Masters (Pale Saints) among others.

In between releasing albums, Will has also worked on commercials, film and TV projects. He has been the go-to composer at Aveda for over 15 years and has had his music featured in CSI, CSI Miami, Melrose Place, Brimstone as well as clients Johnson & Johnson, Smirnoff, Herman Miller, Cody, the Nocturne podcast and a sound installation for flagship BMW showroom in Paris.  Other projects include the feature film, 'Downward Angel' and the puppet horror films, 'The Mill at Calder's End' and ‘The Haunted Swordsman’. He has produced the latest Helen Money album 'Become Zero' out now on the Thrill Jockey label.  In 2017, Will was commissioned to compose and record an original piece for the Santa Barbara Dance Theater.  Most recently, he has launched the In_Neutral app which allows users to collectively generate a unique and evolving piece of music in a site-specific, immersive environment using bluetooth speakers.  More info at neutralmusic.com. 

contact: info@neutralmusic.com

label site: neutralmusic

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